Bournemouth Airport Flights

If you are thinking about visiting, or leaving the UK via Bournemouth Airport, it may be useful to know just what options are open to you before you start planning a city break or a holiday in another country. This is due to the fact that the airport that is located just above the actual city of Bournemouth does offer quite a few options that you may not have even considered, and may not offer others that you have.

For this reason if you want to avoid a transfer or a long drive to an alternate airport you may want to consider just where you really can fly. Every year there are about 750,000 people that fly through Bournemouth Airport at any given time on a number of different flights which should give you an idea of just how many different options there are.

Thomson Airways and Ryanair both have aircraft bases at the airport so you will notice that a large majority of the flights are from these two companies both in terms of regular flights, seasonal services, and chartered flights that serve North America, North Africa, and the Caribbean.

Ryanair offers flights to Milan, Alicante, Marseille, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Wroclaw, Nantes, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Beavuvais, Bergamo, Faro, Limoges, Carcassonne, and Rues.  While their flights make up the largest amount of air travel, EasyJet also offers flights to Grenoble and Palmair offers charters that fly to Amalfi, Naples, Tunisia, Rhodes, and Fuereventura.

Those with a taste for Greek culture will want to check out the Olympic Holidays flights to Zakynthos and Corfu as well as Larnaca within Cyprus.  Thomson also offers flights to Corfu in addition to Antayla, Monastir, Bodrum, and a flight to Sharm el-Sheikh.

A bit more locally, Ryanair also offers flights to Dublin, Milan Bergamo, Malta, Dublin, Frankfurt, Limoges, Barcelona, Madrid, and Paris.  BMIbaby also offers a charted route to Jersey and four new local flights that help you scoot around Britain without too much trouble and the hassle of driving.

Flybe also made exciting news this year with the announcement that they have linked north and south England together by offering new flights that will run straight from Bournemouth to Manchester and back again.  This is easily the best way to get from region to region in England without spending hours behind the wheel and wasting your holiday time on the road.