Brownsea Island

The peaceful little wooded area of Brownsea Island is sure to win over your heart when you visit and find it to be a little slice of English paradise. This is the place to go for a quiet and a refreshing experience where you will observe the natural habitat and wildlife that reside on the island. From bats to wood ants, you won’t be disappointed wide variety in the animals you will see.

Brownsea Island is part of the National Trust where land is preserved and shared for all to enjoy. Since it is an island, of course you will need to take a ferry ride out to this gorgeous island of heath, woodlands, and wetlands.  There are several ways to get out to the island either from Poole Quay and Bournemouth or you can get there in your own boat if you tie up at the Pottery Pier at the west side of the island. The Ferries run throughout the day from the end of March to the beginning of October and more frequently July through August.

This nearly 90 square mile reserve was the home of the first scouting groups ever formed back in 1907 and has been an educational oasis for Scout Camps since then. The camp is a site still used today for youth groups interested in conservation, canoeing, archery and other outdoor activities.

The visitor on holiday will see the threatened species of Red Tailed squirrels and beautiful Sika deer. Bird watching is something that can’t be helped when at Brownsea because the island brings abundant flocks of various birds. They come to its shore so they can look for food inland and along the coast of the Isle.

There are so many things to do on Brownsea Island, like watching a play at the open air theatre or taking the kids on a 1 mile wildlife walk. Kids and walking can be tough sometimes so let them go on a self guided walk on themed trails built just for them, or let them partake in the craft events at the visitor centre.

If you would like to fold a holiday for you and an outdoor camping event for the kids in one trip, that might be a possibility if your child is a member of a recognized school or youth group. You will find there are accommodations that will suit you across the water at Poole Quay.