Corfe Castle

If you have never been to a real castle before then you are sure to enjoy a visit to the Corfe Castle. There is also a village by the same name, situated below the ancient ruined castle.  This little town is quaint and stretches the width of the Isle of Purbeck. When you get there, you will see both the English Channel and Poole Harbour with miles of coastline to explore. If you know where to look, you will find Burial mounds and it is speculated that this area holds the secrets of civilizations dating back to 6000BC.

The castle is only a part of the English countryside that must be discovered on your next holiday.  Corfe is a word that means gap and there is a very good reason the name was chosen for the nearby village and the castle.  In the Purbeck Hills there is a natural gap and this is where the castle and town sit, along side a road that travels between Wareham and Swanage.

One of the most stimulating things about visiting an old castle is the sense that there are old souls still roaming the grounds, like ghosts caught at their final resting place. Corfe Castle is a structure that boasts of being the oldest castle site in England as it dates back to the 11th century.

The castle was used throughout history for different things and one can only imagine what it looked like back then, impressive and dominating everything below.  Later towers and halls were added, both fortifying and making the Castle an even more impressive sight.

As the 13th century arrived, it was recorded that it was used to house the royal treasure and, as irony would have it, it was also a prison during that same century, but ultimately the castle was sold in the 16th century

During the mid 1600s the castle was attacked two times by Parliamentarian forces both within two years.  The second attack was successful after two months of fighting because ultimately a traitor betrayed the castle.

The victorious new owners of the castle destroyed it by blowing parts of it up with gunpowder in an attempt to keep the Royals from returning the location to their control.  After its destruction many of the local residents in the area took much of the stone and other items from the castle such as doors, and built them right into local homes, where much of it remains today.  Corfe Castle will be a great holiday spot where you will always wonder at what you are seeing.