Durdle Door

If you want to have your breath taken away by its shear beauty, then Durdle Door (or Dor) is a place you will want to visit.  This spectacular oddity is set on a sublime shoreline and is situated on the Southern Coast of England.

Words that come to mind when you look at the shore will be similar to stunning, breath taking, leaving you awestruck and feeling insignificant and humble in the wake of what Mother Nature has done to this coastline.  One of the more appealing attractions is that Durdle Door is an arch that has been formed on a complimentary coastline.

The sea has had its way with the rock, cutting a majestic archway out of limestone.  Very narrow bands of rock run along the shore and they allow the power of the sea to easily, but slowly carve out the rock, showing three dimensional sculptures and revealing the levels of time with multi colored layers of the earth revealed.

There are many guest houses and bed and breakfast establishments located within walking distance from the awe inspiring coast.  There is never a moment to waste when visiting the beauty of Durdle Door; on your next holiday, head to the natural beauty of the coastline of this picture perfect stretch of English geological wonder