Purbeck is a fascinating place, often described as an island, but in reality it is 60 square miles of land that is surrounded almost completely by water, technically making it a peninsula.  This diverse and beautiful place is found in the county of Dorset and has the English Channel to the south and east. With its breathtaking views across the channel as steep cliffs drop to the sea.

Located at the centre of this peninsula is Corfe Castle and you will find lovely little villages where tourism has encouraged delightful activities, filled the residents with pride and has spurred it’s communities to flourish with wonderful B & Bs, cafés and lovely little pubs.

There is something for everyone on Purbeck with castles, old churches, history, and miles of shorelines each area with its own unique terrain features sculpted by the surrounding waters.  Any season is a perfect time to explore Purbeck as this magical, would- be-isle is an absolute joy to all who venture out and explore the splendour of what nature has done to this land.

You will find resort areas, like the traditional seaside resort of Swanage with terrific sandy beaches, the fun markets of Wareham and photo opportunities at every turn.  You can even visit the natural World Heritage Site of the Jurassic Coast.

The whole family is welcome as there are lots of fascinating activities and places to explore for everyone; Monkey World, Farmer Palmers, and the Tank Museum are just a few of the attractions that will keep the kids happy.

A peaceful and relaxing way to see parts of this isle or peninsula, depending on who you talk to, is to take a train ride on the Swanage Railway. You can catch a 6 mile ride between Swanage and Norden where you will get to see the ruins of the historical Corfe Castle.

For the more adventurous, another way to see the sights is to take a 47 mile bike ride around the entire area, either splitting the ride up into a winding trek that can last a whole week or by doing a marathon ride that will take a one or two days, but will create long lasting memories.  No matter how you choose to visit and travel in this enchanted land, you will not be disappointed by the wealth of things to see and do when you head to the Isle of Purbeck where you are always welcome.