Lulworth Cove

Lulworth Cove itself is a beautiful sight carved out of solid rock by the sea. Nearby are two villages, East and West Lulworth, where you can stroll 5 miles of England’s most gorgeous coastline.  You will find the Lulworth Cove Heritage Centre next to the shore where history is told and secrets about the cove and surrounding areas are revealed.

You will find lovely four star accommodations perfect for couples or family holidays.   The Castle Inn is within walking distance from Lulworth Cove and as a family run establishment where there are games and things for the kids to do, not to mention the stunning views.

With the many miles of beaches there is always something for everyone; the Cove is ideal for swimming and sunbathing, kids can always build sandcastles on the beach and people watching is fun no matter where you are.

If the cove is not on the agenda for the day, then perhaps a trip to the Lulworth Castle would be an excellent choice.  The castle offers stunning views and down in the cellar, you will glimpse what life used to be long ago.  There is a playground, and beautiful wooded areas to take a stroll in.

If you want seclusion and to do something a little daring and not often accessible, then finding the steps at the end of East Lulworth, located on the Eastern end of the village will take you to a fossilized forest and you will find yourself on the top of a cliff  with dazzling views.  This area is only open during the month of August and open at weekends only so August would be a good time to visit Lulworth Cove.