Poole Harbour

Poole Harbour is a naturally formed harbour that once was a flourishing valley, but at the end of the last ice age this valley began to fill with water creating a very shallow and thriving harbour. This harbour is no stranger to human life as there is evidence of civilized activities in the area dating back to the Pre-Roman days.

Even though the harbour is shallow, people from around Poole say it is the second largest, if not the largest natural harbour in the entire world. This is a big claim and a point of prestige for those that live in the area in Poole and Purbeck. The town of Poole is located north of the Poole Harbour and Purbeck is across the harbour in a slightly south westerly direction.

Arne is located on the Isle of Purbeck next to Poole Harbour and is a historical site dating back to World War II.  Back then the area was evacuated and the Royal Navy used it as a decoy site. The only original building on the Purbeck side of Poole Harbour is a 13th century church called St. Nicholas.

If you wish to stay on the Purbeck side of Poole Harbour, Arne will be your best bet and it just so happens, there is a 16th century home that you can rent as a holiday cottage.  With not much of anything on the Arne side of Purbeck, it is a refuge for wildlife and the people who love to visit the natural beauty of the area.

It is ironic that this very area that used to be a quarry, where its valuable clay was extracted, has now returned to its original state and all it natural beauty. With the exception of a few areas used for agriculture today, the land has been returned to its rightful owner, mother nature, as it is now covered in heath, forests and is home to much wildlife. There is a car park there so you can make the trek to Poole Harbour while enjoying your stay on the Purbeck side of the harbour.