The Jurassic Coast

Jurassic was a term that wasn’t well known until an American movie Jurassic Park came out in 1997 showing a lost world of dinosaurs and the truth is that the Jurassic coast is not lost to the world and the history makes this spectacular coastline a Natural World Heritage Site. It is the only place in England recognized by this formidable historic dinosaur remains.

You will find 95 miles of coast line that will take your breath away.  It is a visual representation of over 180 million years of the earth’s history and if you want to see spectacular rocks holding the key to our distant past, this would be a great place to visit.

With recognition on an international level, it ranks high as to one of the greatest miracles produced by the powers of time and Mother Nature.  It is an area of unprecedented natural beauty and often you will see the unexpected when visiting the Jurassic Coastline.

This coast has many options for your consideration; you will find many resort areas to provide for your accommodations when you are exploring. With pubs and restaurants to meet all thirsts and your tastes, you won’t go without the energy you will need for your expeditions.

If you wish, you can stay at a small guest house or bed and breakfast establishment.  Budget is not an issue as there are many options to fit all levels.  There are so many things to do when visiting the coast; build a sandcastle, jump in the waves, go sailing or take on a dive to see the underwater sea life or just admire the stunning scenery.

If you are a person that loves excitement, catch a ride on a vessel that will take you out on the deep water letting you try to land for a big fish. If you don’t catch anything in the water, you will catch terrific views of sea life, birds, and perhaps even dolphins that love to jump and ride the waves and show off their talents to the passers-by.

Many people only know the word Jurassic as a link to the dinosaur and it is true that there are nicely preserved fossils all along the coast and you are more than likely to see a dinosaur footprint. You may even see a dinosaur embedded in a wall showing you that dinosaurs roamed freely in the area millions of years ago.  If fossils and the ancient world of huge creatures fascinate you, then West Dorset might be were you will want to take a day trip hunting for very a lost world.

For a more up to date excursion but still related to the history of the land, you will find castles and historic structures throughout the area. The organisations that work to create safe havens for the animals of the Jurassic Coast encourage visitors to stop at their attractions while visiting.  This very old and natural place is a must see attraction for your next holiday.