In south east Dorset you will find a small town called Upton. This town is the second largest town in Purbeck right behind the community of Swanage. This village is home to one of the most interesting homes in Dorset. It is called the Upton House and it’s situated some 45 feet above the sea looking out over Poole Harbour. The view is showcased by manicured lawns and has been seen from the home’s terraces since 1818.

Upton is a community that’s a quickly growing area of Pool and Bournemouth. One of the prettiest things to do in Upton is to take a visit to the Upton Country Park where you will find a wooded shoreline, gardens, and an open park space that together gives the visitor many miles of wonderful natural space to enjoy. You can take walks, find a place to sit and watch the birds, jog, or take the family on a picnic.

When you are at the Country Park don’t forget to take in the Education Centre where you will get a chance to ask the Countryside Rangers any questions you may have about the park and surrounding areas.  Don’t forget to visit the Peacock Art Gallery after you grab a spot of tea at the Peacock Tearooms.