Wareham is a wonderful holiday spot to visit and enjoy. Situated between two rivers, the Frome River and the quaintly named Piddle; this little community is a true market town.  It’s a modern town with an ancient past. Poole Harbour is the water front for Wareham. One of the most interesting things about this town is that in the late 9th century Saxon town walls were constructed and you can still walk them today.

A fire in 1762 left its mark on the town, destroying most of the thatched roof buildings. Much of the community’s architecture had to be rebuilt; leaving 18th and 19th century architecture common place, but the old time charm is still there.

Flowers are always beautiful and are a big part of Wareham culture where you will see a bounty of striking flower displays. The residents work diligently during the summer to create flower boxes perfect for the photography enthusiast or people who like to stop and smell the brilliant coloured displays. The result is boundless beauty in a town where around every corner there is something exciting to see.

The town has a museum that will take you back in time where a history time line is displayed from prehistoric days to the present.  The exhibits are changed regularly so a holiday visit to the museum won’t be lost on frequent visits to community.  Walking the old town wall is a history lesson that is interesting and just knowing that the Jurassic Coast line is close by brings a huge sense of awe, inspired with the knowledge that the great dinosaurs called this area home.

As a market town, there are great opportunities for varied and interesting shopping in the town centre. If you like art, hand made jewellery, unique crafted furniture or woven fabric, then Wareham is for you. If cooking is your thing, then buying fresh fruit and vegetables is a must and you can visit the local butcher’s shop for your fresh cut meats too. Of course the fresh baked goods leave a wonderful smell in the air as you walk the streets to find what is just around the corner waiting for you.

When on holiday in Wareham, you can choose from guest house bed and breakfasts or even a hunting lodge. Where ever you choose to stay, you will be rewarded with a real sense of what living in Wareham would have been like a hundred years ago, but today, you will have all the conveniences of home.

Wareham caters to their holiday visitors with a town council that makes certain the visitors to their little village will have absolutely every service they need.  Go on a horse back ride or rent a bike and ride the Sika Trail or in the winter the town welcomes Father Christmas and he can be seen roaming the streets. Visit Wareham any time of the year and you will never be disappointed.