Wool, Dorset

There is a very pleasant little village named Wool in the county of Dorset. There are many interesting and enthralling things to see and do in Wool Village on a lazy weekend or an extended holiday.

You could go to the Tank Museum, or Monkey World, Morten Gardens, The Lulworth Castle, catch a film, or take a swim at the Purbeck Sports Centre. If those activities haven’t intrigued you yet, how about guided walks at the Rectory Farm, Newlands Farm or Blacknoll Heath.

Perhaps a walk at the Dorset Golf Course giving you a chance to hit some golf balls would be fun. With so much to do and see all within a few kilometres from Wool you will find it a great place to get away and enjoy learning about this village’s history and present day life.

Some may wonder what on earth Monkey World is; the staff there work diligently to make sure monkeys and apes that have been smuggled from their homelands have a place to live after their terrible ordeal. This will be sure to entertain the young and the young at heart, watching the monkeys and apes living and thriving when at one point they were all but doomed.

You will find six small Bed and Breakfasts in the area to stay at where you will receive personal attention and lovely accommodations. There is an old Victorian Farmhouse B & B near the Monkey Farm  and the Tank Museum so this would be a wonderful place for a family to stay, or perhaps staying at a 16th Century Thatched Inn might be fun.  Either way, there is an impressive amount of things to do on your visit to Wool Village.